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Helping Fathers Understand And Assert Their Rights

Your child is your top priority. No matter what happens between you and your child’s mother, you want to make sure your child is safe and provided for. Not knowing what rights you have and how to assert them can be stressful and daunting.

At Caffee Law Office , we understand your concerns. Our attorney will fight on your behalf to ensure that your rights are met. Whether you have concerns about custody or want to have a say in their upbringing, we can help.

We Have The Answers You Need

As a father, you have the duty and right to care for your child. Don’t let uncertainties stop you from being the best dad you can be. If you don’t see your question below, contact our office and we can talk through your issue during a free consultation with our lawyer.

How Do I Establish Paternity?

There are a few ways to establish paternity. If you and the mother are not married but in agreement, you can sign the Wisconsin voluntary acknowledgment of paternity form. When you do so, your name is added to your child’s birth certificate. If you and the mother plan to marry, you can sign the Wisconsin acknowledgment of marital child form. If you and the mother are not on good terms, you can take a blood test to establish paternity through DNA.

Does Establishing Paternity Automatically Give Me Rights?

Signing the acknowledgment forms may not be enough. You will want to obtain a court order to assert your rights to legal custody. Once a court order has been established, you have the right to visitation and custody of your child. You are also granted the right to have a say in important decisions regarding your child. With paternity and rights in place, you will have financial responsibilities pertaining to your child.

Do The Courts Favor Mothers In Divorce Proceedings?

Historically, courts believed that the bond between a mom and child was integral to the child’s development. This is no longer the case: Courts now see the importance of both parents. We will fight to get you equal parenting responsibilities; under most circumstances, the courts support this idea. The courts will look at several factors to determine what is best for your child.

What If My Child’s Mother Does Not Follow Our Agreement?

If you have a court-ordered custody and visitation arrangement in place, both of you must follow the agreement. If the mother of your child does not allow you to see your children as presented in the agreement, she is breaking the law, and we can take immediate action so that you can see your child.

Can My Child’s Last Name Be Changed?

Legally changing your child’s name is done through the court system. If you have established your rights and have joint legal custody of your child, both parents must agree to the name change in order for it to be legal.

Can My Ex-Wife Move Away With My Kids?

If you are currently going through divorce proceedings, she can’t move with your children unless you agree to it or the court approves it. The court would do so if they believe it is in your child’s best interests. If your divorce has already been finalized, your decree will state how to approach this scenario. Chances are that she must give you notice and you will have to respond with a formal objection. We can help you object.

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We understand that you want what is best for your children. Don’t wait to take action; schedule a free consultation at our Eau Claire-based office. Call us today at 715-318-2533 to speak with our experienced attorney.

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