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Staying involved when you split time with your child

On Behalf of | May 9, 2024 | Divorce

As parents, our connection with our children is the linchpin of our daily lives. When this connection changes after a divorce, it can feel incredibly destabilizing.

For Wisconsin parents who are in this situation, it is vital to remember that the bond with your children transcends living situations and custody schedules. Despite the miles or days apart, your involvement in your child’s life can remain strong and meaningful with the following tips.

Prioritize consistent communication

The digital age has made keeping in touch easier than ever. Regular video calls, texts or emails can help you stay abreast of your child’s daily life and maintain your presence even when you’re not physically there.

Be sure that these interactions are appropriate and comply with the rules outlined in your parenting plan. Further, they should not interfere with the other parent’s time with your child.

Shared activities

Even if you’re not in the same physical space, you can engage in activities together. Read the same book and discuss it, play online games or watch a movie simultaneously and share your thoughts. These shared experiences can be a bridge between visits.

Creative use of technology

Leverage technology to your advantage. Share a digital calendar to keep track of important events, use apps designed for co-parenting to streamline communication, or create a digital photo album to see and share pictures and videos of your child with love ones, including your ex.

Again, you must use these resources responsibly. Do not violate the terms of your custody order, and be sure you respect the privacy of your child and your ex.

Integrating lives with respect

Respect between co-parents is crucial. When discussing the other parent, in person or online, do so with respect and consideration to protect your child’s well-being. Being a respectful co-parent makes it easier for your child to feel safe and happy, whether they are with you or not.

Splitting parenting time and child custody doesn’t have to mean a diminished relationship with your child. By embracing consistent communication, shared activities and a respectful partnership with your co-parent, you can foster a deep and enduring connection.

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