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Will the US adopt new divorce laws?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Uncategorized

Before you made the decision to go your separate ways, you and your spouse may have had some trigger issues between you that often would lead to arguments. For instance, you may have fought about money all the time or issues concerning your children’s well-being. Such disagreements can make achieving a fair divorce settlement in a Wisconsin court quite challenging.  

In addition to such primary issues as finances and child-related topics, determining where a family pet will live after divorce has become commonplace in divorce, as well. Most family courts in the United States address pet issues as part of property division proceedings. However, several other countries have recently made changes regarding pets in divorce. 

Many judges believe pets should no longer be treated as property 

If you have a dog or cat or other beloved pet, you no doubt feel like he or she is part of your family. If your pet were to become ill or suffer injury in some way, it would distress you, just as it would to learn that another family member had fallen ill or been in an accident that resulted in injury.  

When you think of property, you might think of things such as your car or your home or paintings hanging on your walls. Do you think of your pet when you think of property that you own, however? Many pet advocates say that family court judges should consider pets as part of custody proceedings instead of property division.  

You have to do the same things for pets as you do for kids 

Just as you provide for your children’s daily needs, you must also take care of your pet. This includes meeting the financial needs associated with such care, like buying food or paying a veterinarian for medical treatment. Many people believe that it makes more sense to include a pet’s well-being in custody proceedings than it does to treat it like property.  

If you file for a divorce in a Wisconsin court, you and your spouse must decide who will pay for pet care. You’ll also need to agree on where your pet should live after your divorce is final. Will one of you keep the pet full-time while the other visits on occasion? If you can’t achieve an agreement, you can ask the court to intervene and make decisions on your behalf.  

Every state in the US has its own divorce guidelines 

Property division guidelines and custody regulations are a matter of state law in this country. The judge overseeing your case can make decisions at his or her discretion based on the merits of your particular circumstances and needs.  

Just as you would want your children’s well-being to be a central focus of all custody proceedings, you can make your needs and goals known regarding pet care, as well. 

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